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To locate a Bid Tabulation Report, first search for the bid (typically by Bid Number or Title for fastest results). Once a bid has been identified, whether searching for Active bids to place an offer, or previous bids to review agency activity or locate a tabulation report, to get into the specific bid details, please use the following instructions:

  1. Click New Search to being your search.


  2. Type in the title or bid number into the Search Bar.


  3. Select one of the options for "Ended Bids" by preference.


  4. Click Search.


  5. Once the Search results display, select Tab from the Tab tab.


  6. The available information is determined by the posting agency, which can include any combination of the following:
    • Vendor's name
    • Total price
    • Price of the various line items
    • Bid Attachments
    • Completed Forms
    • Bid Notes
  7. For requests about information not posted in the official tabulation page, please contact the posting agency as included on the Details tab:


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