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  1. To make adjustments, whether adding or removing, to your account regions, navigate up to the icons in the upper right-hand corner. Select the fourth (4) icon for Account preferences:


  2. From the sub-list, select Bid Profile:


  3. You can use this section to make permanent adjustments to your keywords, stop notifications, add NIGP Codes to your business profile (to help index your organization for Agency users to locate you in the Periscope Source system which integrates with S2G):


  4. To edit/add/change a section (Sales Territories, Keywords, NIGP Codes), select the Pencil icon on the right:


  1. To update the Sales Territories, use the same format as the initial profile set up (see step 11 in the How-To for setting up the profile.

  2. To update Keywords, use the same formatting as the initial profile set up (see steps 12-14 in the How-To for setting the profile.

  3. To update NIGP Codes, follow the format used in the initial profile set up (see step 15 in the How-To for setting up the Bid Profile.
  4. Remember, Sales Territories and Keywords are default selected every time you log into the S2G tool. The Account preferences allow you to make permanent changes that update your notifications and pre-load these settings when searching manually in the tool. You can always adjust your searches to include different areas and keywords that don't impact the notifications or the defaults in your Bid Profile.

  5. Any time a tweak or adjustment is needed to your Sales Territories or Keywords, revisit these account settings as needed.


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