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After registering an account, BidSync sends a verification email to the address used to register. In this email, a link is included which has a unique verification token to continue setting up your account (see how).

It is possible for this email to be delivered to a Junk or Spam folder. If unable to locate it, to reissue an email, go to the login page at

Select the Orange login for Basic/Pro and click "Forgot your password?" at the bottom

Enter in the email address used to register and use the provided link to continue setting up and verifying your account:

There have also been instances where information entered did not get saved properly in the database and behaves as if no registration occurred.


A quick hack to check an individual email is to return to the Basic registration, even if you originally intended for a Pro subscription, and input the email address.


If registration was successful, a popup appears to confirm. This also provides a link to resend the registration verification email if it hasn't been clicked yet:

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