Register a New BidSync Basic Account

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To register as a free vendor in the BidSync system, follow these steps (if linking from a specific Government Agency's registration page, please skip to Step 4):

  1. Navigate to the BidSync home page by going to:

  2. In the middle of the page, click on Try for Free (also opens the option to Get BidSync Now for a more enhanced experience through our Subscription Service) to get started:

  3. On the Plan Comparison page, scroll down to review your options. When ready, select your package from the top of the page:

  4. Basic accounts can participate in most bids for free, as determined by the buying agency, but will only receive free, detailed notifications for solicitations hosted on the BidSync eProcurement platform. Select the state for the agencies from which you would like to receive free notifications for all solicitations:

  5. Enter the email address you’ll use for this account. The system will determine if this email address is already associated with an existing account:

  6. Once your email address is confirmed as not already registered, enter in the rest of your user information and check the box to agree to the Terms of Services after reading them:

  7. Enter in demographic information and check the box indicating agreeance and understanding to the Terms and Conditions of use:


  8. An email is sent with a link to verify your email address and begin setting up your business profile. Click the link to go to the next step to Setup a Verified Account:

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