Why am I directed to other bid sites that want to charge me fees to see bids?

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As the industry leading Bid Notification provider, Periscope Holdings will always make sure that you are notified about EVERY bid opportunity that we discover. On rare occasions, the website that we direct you to on which the posting government agency is hosting the bid will require a fee to access the information. or participate on the bid. Bid information is typically scraped from information publicly posted on such websites.


We leave the full pursuit of those bids requiring additional fees entirely to your discretion to determine whether you'll move forward with those bids. We cannot determine for you whether or not a specific bid is worth your time, cost, and effort to pursue. We need to make certain you know that those opportunities exist so you can weigh the balance.


Our customers have agreed overwhelmingly that they’d rather know about these bids, even if they choose not to pursue them. Again, these fees are rare and have nothing to do with your subscription services. We want you to be confident that Periscope Holdings is providing the most comprehensive and cost effective bid notification service.


If you do not wish to receive bids that will require an extra fee, you can minimize the chance of receiving those bids by removing Builders Exchange from the agency types on your account. For help editing your account, click here.

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