How do I accept documents?

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Most electronic response bids in BidSync Classic will have documents that must be accepted electronically; these documents will have a "Pending Acceptance" status next to the title of the document. By accepting an electronic document, users are stating that they intend to be bound by the terms and clauses of the document. To accept documents, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to and click Sign In from the main menu across the top.


  2. Select the BidSync Links/LinksPLUS login option, enter the username and password, and click Login.


  3. When the Home page is displayed, click the New search tab to search for the bid (if it is not already displayed in the existing results that match your settings).

  4. For more information on searching for bids, click here to review the article.

  5. When the search results are displayed, click the title of the bid to open the bid information page.

  6. On the bid information page, click the Documents tab to view all of the files and attachments associated with the bid. To download the entire Solicitation (or Bid Packet), select Download Bid Packet. All documents in the list below with a Green checkmark next to it are included in the Bid Packet.


  7. To respond to a bid, each document must be viewed/accepted one-by-one. Click on the title of a document (NOT on “[download]”) that has the "Pending Acceptance" status to the right of the title; this will open the document in another browser tab and allow the user to fill out the document and accept it with a password.


  8. When the document is displayed, enter any requested information as appropriate and review the contents. If copying/pasting from another document, first paste into NOTEPAD (or an equivalent) to remove any hidden/special characters and then copy/paste from the NOTEPAD to the online web form. 

    To accept the document, enter your login password and click Save at the bottom of the page. The document will then close and the "Pending acceptance" label will change to "Accepted".


  9. The Take Exception option can be used if there is something in the document that the vendor does not agree with or if the vendor does not intend to be bound by the terms or clauses in the document.

    When "Not viewed" is displayed next to the document title, the sponsoring agency simply wants you to review the document but does not need your electronic signature. Click on the title of the document (NOT on “[download]”) to display the document. Once you have reviewed the document, you may close it. Viewed will then be displayed next to the document title.

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