How do I respond to an Evaluation?

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After vendors have responded to a bid, your agency may have the option to create and run evaluations on the responses within the site. This guide can show your evaluators how to respond if they are invited. 


Finding your Evaluation


Once logged into the site, hover over Source in the navigation bar, and click on the RFP Eval option. To narrow down the evaluations, you can mark the View My Pending Evaluations option, which will limit the results only to the evaluations that are waiting for your response. 




To start your evaluation, click on the name of the evaluation, scroll to the bottom of the next screen and click the Evaluate button.




The screen will refresh to show the RFP Evaluation screen with the supplier(s) listed below.




To score the supplier, click on the plus sign next to the supplier name and the criteria will drop down below.




 The evaluators can score the supplier by either:

a. Typing in the number in the space provided next to Score

b. Sliding the toggle to the correct number


Along with the scores given to each supplier, the evaluator can leave notes about each criteria and why they scored the supplier a certain way.




If the notes area does not have sufficient space, the evaluator can also attach a document to each criterion if needed.


Once all scores and materials have been entered into the evaluation the evaluator has several options. They can either:




a.      Save

The save button will allow the evaluator to save the information they have entered without officially sub­mitting it. This will give them the opportunity to revise their scoring if needed.


b.      Finalize Score

If the evaluator is completely finished, they will click this button to officially submit their evaluation.


c.     Cancel

If the evaluator is not ready or wants to start over again, they will click the Cancel button to erase all the information that was entered.


When done, click the Finalize Score button at the bottom of the screen.


The screen will refresh to the Confirm RFP Evaluation page.




This will allow you to review the scores you have entered into the system for the suppliers.


To submit your scores, enter your password and click the Confirm button at the bottom of the screen.




The page will refresh and the words Data Saved will appear in red to the top left hand side of the screen.




Your scores have been officially submitted.


When looking at the main evaluation page you will see in the status column, next to your name, Finished indicating you have submitted your evaluation.




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