How do the keywords work?

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Part of the service provided by Periscope S2G is sending out a daily notification about posted and relevant bids based on your keywords. 


To view and adjust your keywords, first go to the Account icon (person) in the upper right hand corner:



Selecting this opens the specific menu for Account Settings. Choose "Bid Profile" to open up notifications (and to make any adjustments to your primary keywords):



In the upper-left of the Bid Profile will be the Keywords section, where you can set words or phrases you would like the system to look for in the title, description, or NIGP codes that are applied to the bid. You can also set up negative keywords, which will exclude bids from your search results. 


Keywords can be any word or group of words, but there are several things to keep in mind when entering your choices: 

  • The system will search for those words in the title and description of the bid, as well as in the NIGP codes attached to the bid. While commonly used words like "construction", "lighting" or "installation" will result in a large number of bids, they won't give you very precise results. Using more specific words, or the same words as part of a phrase, will give more focused results. 
  • If a phrase of multiple words is used, such as "HVAC installation", the only bids that will be included based on that keyword will have the full phrase as it is. Bids that only have HVAC, only have installation, or have both words in separate parts of the bid, will not show. This means that keywords that are longer are more likely to return fewer results. 
  • If a keyword is entered that is a common word, the system will also include variants of that word in the search results. "Break" will also search for "Breaks" and "Breaking", "House" will also pull any bid that has "houses", etc. 
  • The keywords are not case-sensitive, so entering "house" and "House" won't change what bids are shown.

While your registration will prompt you to enter at least three keywords, your account will allow you to have as many as you need. Keep in mind that the Match rating is based on how many of your keywords each bid uses. As you add more keywords, it becomes less likely that a bid will reach the Best Match rating. 

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