How do I create a contract in Contracts Lite?

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Creating Contracts

1)  After logging in, hover over the Contracts option in the blue menu bar and select New Contract.




2)  Fill in the Title, Contract Number, Start Date, Expiration Date, and the Total Contract Value. Select the departments by selecting one or multiple departments from the Add Departments list and click Add to add them to the Who can use list.




3)  Fill in the Description area and select classification codes for the contract.




4)  Choose whether the contract will be public or private. Checking the box for Private only allows the people within the agency that you select from the Contract Visibility drop-down menu to access the contract. Your choices are:

Agency Wide:  All users within your agency can view this contract.

Dept Only:  Only users that belong to one of the departments that you selected in the Who can use area can access the contract.

User Only:  Only your user and admins will be able to access this contract.


5)  Fill in the corresponding information.

  • Mandatory refers to if the buyers must purchase off of this contract, selecting N/A lets other users know that they do not have to use this contract when purchasing these products.
  • Contacts allows you to add one or more users from your organization as contacts on this contract.
  • Supplier allows you to select the supplier that is entering into this contract with your organization.
  • Solicitation will open a pop-up window where you can search through all past bids on your account and select one to associate with this contract.  It is not required to have a solicitation on your contract.


6)  Fill in any Report Flags required by your agency.




7)  You will need to create Contract Items, and you can upload Contract Documents and Contract Attachments.




Contract Attachments differ from Contract Documents as they are supporting documents such as drawings or licenses while Contract Documents are specific to actual contract language and amendments.


8)  Once all the information is filled out, type in your password at the bottom and click Submit.



9)  Once a contract is created it can be archived clicking the stop sign button in the Archive column.




This will remove the contract from the Active Contracts section. This means that the contract will not be found when searching active contracts, but can still be found by selecting Archived when searching for a contract.




10)  If your agency has decided to have the system generate contracts automatically after the bid has been awarded, you do not need to go through the contract creation process. You can still manage the contracts and release them in the same way after they have been created by the system.

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