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There are currently four (4) bids out for Marketplace. These bids are meant to be utilized if you, as a vendor, are able to provide essential supplies needed for the COVID-19 outbreak. If you are interested in uploading a catalog, please respond to the correlating bid and upload your catalog as an attachment. If you have any questions about the bid, please post those questions to the bid on the Q&A tab (similar to other agency posted bids), and the Periscope Holdings Marketplace team will answer the questions when possible.


Here are the answers to questions already frequently asked:



Q: If I win the bid, how will the agency contact me?
A: Via email or phone. We suggest making sure the contact info on your account is up to date and accurate.


Q: What are the quantities that are needed at this time?
A: Quantities are unknown as we are in the process of gathering data and pricing only.


Q: What products are needed?
A: We are still gathering data, but if you feel it might be used to help with treatment of the virus, please respond to the appropriate bid. 


Q: How do I get in touch with Shannon, since she’s the contact on the bid?
A: Post questions on the bid and Shannon (or someone from the team) will answer those there.


Q: What forms need to be uploaded?
A: Upload a spreadsheet with the product items of the catalog you are offering, along with pricing, or a pricing sheet with the same info.


Q: Which bid should we be replying to?
A: Choose the bid with the classification code most applicable to you. If there is not one, pick one which sounds closest to the product/service you offer.


QDo I need to reply to all of the PHI bids?
A: No, they only need to submit a response to one bid.


Q: What file type should my catalog/pricing sheet be in?
A: Excel is preferred, but any .CSV is helpful. PDF will not work.


Q: How much does Marketplace cost?
A: Please talk with one of our specialists to go over what would best fill your needs.


Q: If I don’t have my images hosted somewhere, can I attach them as part of my proposal so they can be included in the catalog?
A: Marketplace does not store any image files (to optimize server performance). If including images as part of your catalog, please get your images online and provide the URL for each to have them as part of your product list. Images are not required as part of the initial bid response, but if your catalog is selected, the Supplier Enablement team will work with you to upload product images.


Thank you so much for your interest. We are experiencing an overwhelming volume of inquiries. Our priority at this time is to work with companies that can supply the emergency items needed. If you are able to supply the emergency items described, we urge you to review the RFIs linked below and submit your catalogs to our team. These RFIs include details about the Marketplace as well as a Q&A section for questions. If you are able to supply these items and services and need assistance after reviewing the RFIs, please post your questions directly to the portal.

All suppliers are important to us and we are eager to upload your catalogs into the Marketplace. If you are not able to provide these emergency products/services at this time, rest assured our Marketplace team will reach back out to you in the coming weeks to get your catalogs uploaded. We are beyond excited to have a solution that connects the public sector with suppliers like you!

Thank you for your understanding!

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