Adding NIGP Commodity Codes to the Bid Profile

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  1. If you do not choose to go immediately into Editing the Commodity Codes upon completion of your profile setup, you can access that by navigating to the icons in the upper right-hand corner. Select the fourth icon for Account preferences:


  2. From the sub-list, select Bid Profile:


  3. You can use this section to make permanent adjustments to your keywords, stop notifications, and add NIGP Codes to your business profile (to help index your organization for Agency users to locate you in the Periscope Source system which integrates with S2G):


  4. To edit/add/change the NIGP Codes, select the Pencil icon on the right:

  1. Use specific keywords (or NIGP code numbers) to filter for specific results. Click Use Keywords in My Profile to list available NIGP Codes based on the keywords you selected during registration. If desired, you can drill down through the NIGP Code categories by clicking on the triangles to open the main categories to view the sub-categories and then the 5-digit NIGP Codes:

  2. Click the Plus (+) to add NIGP Codes to your Profile. Click X to remove codes you do not want associated with your profile. Once completed, click Save to confirm the changes you want made to your profile.

    Remember, NIGP Codes will not impact your notifications or your keyword searches for available bid opportunities. These are used to index your company within the Periscope S2G network for Agencies to use and identify you by industry and help increase your exposure for business opportunities.

    You can use the NIGP code descriptions included in this section as a guideline when choosing keywords for your Bid Profile. NIGP Codes and their descriptions are both usable when running a manual search using the filters to narrow down results in the All Bids section and can be combined with other keywords and other codes. The more keywords used, the tighter the tool attempts to match.

  3. Any time a tweak or adjustment is needed to your main keywords or to the NIGP Codes on your profile, revisit these account settings as needed.


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