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Part of the service provided by Periscope S2G is sending out a daily notification about posted and relevant bids. The relevancy of this information is directly impacted on how each user interacts with the tool and more information how to do so can be found HERE.


To confirm whether your notifications are turned on or off, first go to the Account icon (person) in the upper right hand corner:




Selecting this opens the specific menu for Account Settings. Choose "Bid Profile" to open up notifications (and to make any adjustments to your primary keywords):




In the bottom left-hand corner, there is a button to turn notifications on or off. The gray bar, with button slide-to-the-left indicates an "off" status:



The blue bar and button slide-to-the-right indicates the "on" status:



If currently receiving notifications, you can also get to this section directly from the email notifications by scrolling down to the bottom of the email and clicking on "Unsubscribe here":



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