How do I import Line Items?

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The Line Item Import tool will allow a user to import hundreds of items into a bid within a matter of minutes.


Before Importing

Before the items can be uploaded to a bid, they need to be put into a spreadsheet with the information organized in the following manner:




  1. Lot Name
  2. Title
  3. Description
  4. Quantity
  5. Unit
  6. Shipping Location
  7. Product Code

Lot Name: This column is optional. This will sort the different line items into separate lots with the given names.


Title: This column is required. The name of the line item.


Description: This column is optional. It will provide a description of the line item to the vendor.  This column can not have any enter spaces.


Quantity: This column is required The number of the item that you need. The system will use this and the provided Unit Price to calculate the Total Price for each line item.


Unit: This column is required Counterpart to the Quantity, this is the grouping that you are measuring by, e.g. each, ton, foot. Quantities should always be entered as lowercase and must be an exact match to a Unit of Measure found in your agency’s setting. If a match is not found, the system will default to each. If a custom unit is needed, please reach out to our Agency Support team.


Shipping Location: This column is required The destination for the line item. This must be an exact match for a Location listed within the agency’s settings.


Product Code: This column is optional. It can be filled with an agency-specific product code if you have one for the desired item.


When you are done filling out the spreadsheet with all the appropriate information, save the files as a CSV (Comma Separated Value) file. It is now be ready for import. Some programs include specialized versions of the CSV file. For example, Microsoft Excel has a version named “CSV UFT-8 (Comma delimited)”. If there are multiple options, please use the one that seems the most basic. If using the most current version of Microsoft Excel, it will be listed as “CSV (Comma delimited) (*.csv)”.




Item Import

Go to and log into the site using your username and password. One in, hover over the Source option and click Create Bid.


The screen will refresh to the Bid Creation page. From here you can start the creation process.



Halfway through the page there will be a section titled Line Items. From here the bid items will be attached. Click the Import button.




A pop-up box titled Upload Auction Line Item Import File will appear. Click the Browse button and find the saved CSV file on your computer. When done, click Submit.




If there are any problems with the upload, the Upload Auction Line Item pop up box will refresh and display one of three messages. They are:

  1. Error in Import phase 1 of 3: this indicates you are missing basic information on your saved spreadsheet (i.e.: Shipping Location/Title)
  2. Error in Import phase 2 of 3: this indicates the information between the spreadsheet and the site/account are different and the system is unable to pull the information.


  1. Error in Import phase 3 of 3: Indicates there are unknown errors with the document and need more research.


If the error messages appear, go to your spreadsheet and fill in the missing information to correct the problem. When done, re-save as a CSV file and try the upload again.


When the import is complete, the Upload Auction Line Item pop up box will refresh and display the Import Successful! message. Click the Close button within the pop-up box.




The main Bid Creation page will refresh, and the imported line items will now appear.

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