Responding to Paper Bids

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A few Agencies posting bids in Periscope S2G require both Limited and Premium Suppliers to respond offline instead of electronically through the site; on these bids, details posted is informational only, including all of the documents, attachments, and details found on the bid. This article takes users through the process of placing an offer on a paper bid.


  1. Go to and click Sign In from the main menu.

  2. When the login page is displayed, enter the email address and password and click Login.

  3. From the displayed Home page, Search for or Select the bid for which you need the details (for more information on searching for bids, click here).

  4. On the bid page, click Go To Bid to access the bid information page (found on the left-hand side). Bids linking to another site are hosted elsewhere and would be similar to these types of bids. The goal is to locate the directions on how to submit your response to the bid.

  5. On the bid information page, there are several tabs that need to be reviewed, especially those on the Details and Documents tabs. Instructions on responding to the bid should be found in either of those.


    For paper response bids, the process to respond may be different for each agency so it is important to review all of the information provided by the agency.

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