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We had a brief interruption in some of our services in the Source/S2G applications. Access to the portal was interrupted for approximately 1hr and 45 minutes. The issue is now resolved. See below for further details.


Expected Impact Time/Date:   Wednesday, September 26, 2018 07:25 am until 09:10 am CST

Service Notification Type:  [  ] Planned Maintenance [  ] Unplanned maintenance   [X] Service interruption

Impacted Systems:    [X] Production  [  ] Sandbox   [  ] None

Impacted Services:    [X] Source/S2G  [  ] Web Services   [  ] Network  [  ] Mail/Notification   [  ] Other


Incident Notes:

  • During the incident, Source access from one of our load-balanced servers was interrupted 
  • The Periscope Tech Operations Team was able to identify the cause and provide the corrective action to regain services
  • No Traffic was rerouted
  • All services are up and running at this point


Corrective Actions: 

  • The root cause of the incident was identified as a maintenance job that ran on the Source/S2G servers that caused one of the servers to not load properly
  • Traffic was still routing to our other load balanced servers successfully
  • Services are now fully restored
  • Investigation is ongoing to review the maintenance job to evaluate any issues, if any, it may have caused and prevent future occurrences of this incident
  • For any questions related to this incident please contact or
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