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We had a brief interruption in some of our services in the BidSync Service Portal. Access to the portal was interrupted for approximately 1hr and 45 minutes. The issue is now resolved. See below for further details.


Expected Impact Time/Date:   Wednesday, September 26, 07:25 am until 09:10 am CST

Service Notification Type:  [  ] Planned Maintenance [  ] Unplanned maintenance   [X] Service interruption

Impacted Systems:    [X] Production  [  ] Sandbox   [  ] None

Impacted Services:    [X] BidSync  [  ] Web Services   [  ] Network  [  ] Mail/Notification   [  ] Other


Incident Notes:

  • During the incident, BidSync access from one of our load-balanced servers was interrupted 
  • The Periscope Tech Operations Team was able to identify the cause and provide the corrective action to regain services
  • No Traffic was rerouted
  • All services are up and running at this point


Corrective Actions: 

  • The root cause of the incident was identified as a maintenance job that ran on the BidSync servers that caused one of the servers to not load properly
  • Traffic was still routing to our other load balanced servers successfully
  • Services are now fully restored
  • Investigation is ongoing to review the maintenance job to evaluate any issues, if any, it may have caused and prevent future occurrences of this incident
  • For any questions related to this incident please contact
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