Change Basic/Pro Subscriptions

Basic accounts can participate in most bids for free, but only receive notifications for agencies from one state.

If you find that more opportunities appear to be from a different state, you may subscribe to a Pro package to enhance your options and notifications, or remove your current notifications and adjust your free subscription to focus a new state.

  1. From the upper right-hand side, please select "Company Settings" (the middle icon that resembles tall buildings):
  2. From the submenu, select "Manage Subscriptions":
  3. This is the same menu to manage any paid subscriptions as well. Select "Manage Subscriptions" from the displayed page:
  4. If any payments were made, a review of all transactions can be found here. To adjust free or paid subscriptions, select the top option which displays the current cost of the account subscription:
  5. To fully change the subscription, click edit. To simply change the state or region of your subscription, select approrpiately:
  6. Choose the State or Region as wanted and select "Update" at the bottom (seen after making a choice):
  7. Changing from Basic to Pro (or adding additional licenses or other addons), can be completed under the "Edit Subscription" link:
  8. All options are available for selection, but do not apply any current promotions. Speak with a representative from the BidSync Pro sales group to find the best package options for you:

  9. Whether a new subscription or a change to the current, a confirmation email will provide a receipt if paying, or it simply confirms that a change was made.
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