How can I ask a question on a bid?

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To post a question on a bid, you will first navigate to the main page of the bid. A guide to locate a bid on the site can be found at this link.

Once on the bid, click on the Q&A tab on the yellow orange bar in the center of the page. 


 Once on the tab, the site will always list the Q&A deadline, any other questions and answers that have been posted, as well as an option to print all of the current questions and answers. 


​If you are able to post a question, there will be an "Ask a question" button next to the print option. Clicking on this will open a pop-up for you to enter your question in text form. Please be aware that the pop-up is a simple text field, and does not support uploading any files. If you need to link any files to your question, you will need to upload them to an online storage, and provide a link to the files. There is also a limit of roughly 500 characters, so if you want to ask several questions, it would be better to add them individually. 


Once a question is posted, a message will be sent to the bid contacts, letting them know that there is a new question. If your notifications are turned on for the bid, you will be sent an alert for when an answer is posted to any of the questions. You can turn on notifications to a bid by clicking the "Notify me about this Bid" button. If that button is not visible, notifications are turned on. 


If the "Ask a question" button is not visible, it is usually due to one of the following: 


  • The Q&A deadline may have passed already. Once that time passes, the system removes the "Ask a question" button to prevent any questions from being posted after the deadline. 


  • Your account may need to be validated. If you are seeing the following message, it may be that your account has been recently created, and has yet to be validated. Another cause for the same message is that your user does not have the permission needed to interact with bids. If you see this message, please call support at 800-990-9339, and choose option 1 twice from the menu. If you do not see the text in red on the bid, then this does not apply.


  • The agency has marked at least one qualification as required for the bid. Agencies are able to create qualifications within BidSync. If they have marked any as required for the bid, the system will leave you in a view only mode until those qualifications have been submitted within the site. If you do not see the text in red on the bid, then this does not apply.



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