How do I make a document Web-fillable?

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Document Conversion

During bid creation (How do I create a bid?, Section I), click on the Upload Document button.




This brings up the Upload Attachments dialog box.




When uploading a document that does not require vendors to fill out online or accept, leave the "Convert to Web Form" check box empty and select "Upload File". These documents will be provided to the vendors for download in the original format.


To convert a form to a web-fillable format, or to have the system require that vendors electronically sign the document using their password as a signature, click on the check box before choosing and uploading the original file. This uploads the file to the bid, and sends it to the Support Agency Representatives for conversion. When marking the check box, additional or specific instructions may be entered for the document (such as required fields, tables or forms that do not need to be editable, or formatting requirements).


The file has to be in Word or Excel format. Any other format (including PDF) cannot be converted. If an incompatible file is uploaded, Agency Support will reach out so a viable format can be uploaded. The PDF format should then be deleted from the bid, or vendors will not be able to respond.


Changes that will be made

When converting the document, response spaces within a form will be replaced with editable fields, check boxes, or comment boxes, as appropriate. For items requiring a response of more than a paragraph, we would recommend having the vendors answer in a separate document, and upload that as part of their offer. This is because the coding we use for text boxes does not expand in all browsers, and so may not show all the information if the vendor uses more than the space provided.


Please be aware that converting a document into a web form will change it from its original file format into an HTML file. This means that tools specific to the original file format, such as headers/footers, Excel formulas, or document security will not be able to be included in the converted document.


Document Formatting

When converting the document, we will attempt to stay as close to the original formatting as possible, but this is not always possible. In this case, we will make the form look as close to the original while maintaining a professional look.


Please note that fillable fields take more space vertically than text of the same font, so this may lengthen your forms slightly.


Timeline for Conversion

Our Agency Representatives will complete the initial conversion of a document within one business day. In addition, they will email the bid creator a copy of what the document will look like when included in the Bid Packet. If there is anything that needs to be corrected, please email us within 24 hours, and we will correct it. If no response is received within 24 hours, or if you approve the conversion, we will upload the document to the bid.

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