Add New Users (aka How to Join a Company)

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Any newly registered users can request to join an existing company during the account set-up process, which is detailed as part of Setting Up a Verified Account. To add new users to an existing company, they must first register a new account.


Users requesting to join an existing company can see the current status by selecting the Company Profile icon (which looks like a building) and clicking Manage Users in the sub-menu:




It includes your current status, with options to resend the request to join or to change the company in case of a mistake:



If you are the admin of a company (which is decided by being the first account created within that company), join requests are sent to your account. Under the same location choosing Manage Users, the option to accept or deny join requests are available:



Clicking Accept will immediately add the user request:



All users are then managed from the Users section:



Clicking Deny will prompt a confirmation first:



If a mistake, select cancel to go back and accept the new user. If completing the action, simply confirm:



A notification is sent to the requesting user whether approved or denied:




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