Register a New Periscope S2G Limited Account

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Limited accounts can participate in most bids for free, as determined by the buying agency. To register a Limited account as a vendor in the Periscope S2G network and set up a successful profile, follow these steps (unless linking from a specific Government Agency's registration page, then please skip to Step 2):

  1. Navigate to the Periscope S2G Limited registration page by going to:

  2. Enter the email address you’ll use for this account. The system will determine if this email address is already associated with an existing account:


  3. Once your email address is confirmed as not already registered, enter in the rest of your user information:

  4. Enter in demographic information and check the box indicating agreeance and understanding to the Terms and Conditions of use:


  5. An email is sent with a link to verify your email address and begin setting up your business profile. Click the link to go to the next step to Setup a Verified Account:

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