Register a New Periscope S2G Premium Account

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To subscribe to a Premium account as a vendor in the Periscope S2G network, follow these steps: 

  1. Navigate to the home page by going to:

  2. In the top of the page, click on Get Periscope S2G (or Try for Free for a limited experience) to get started:


  3.  Scroll down to review the options comparing the various plans available (as well as the recurring payment option):


  4. This is also considered the Checkout Page; if you selected a Premium package, there are a few confirming steps to complete, such on the State and Regional subscriptions, which is specifying your state or region. Subscriptions also have enhancement options, such as Federal, Canada, or Military as well as other licenses to later add to users who may also receive this notification service:

  5. With the package selected, scroll down and enter a valid email and select Verify:

  6. Once your address has been verified, click Continue to finalize:

  7. A pop-up box opens to confirm your selection.


  8. Below, fill in your account details and demographic information:


  9. Fill in your Billing details:


  10. Then, enter in your card information:


  11. From the summary box, confirm accuracy then check the box to agree to the Terms of Service:


  12. Click Pay & Subscribe once available:


  13. An email is sent with a link to verify your address and start setting up your business profile. Click the link to go to the next step to Setup a Verified Account:


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