November Release

This email is to notify you that our next product release is taking place Thursday, November 5, from 9pm to 12am MT. The BidSync site may be down temporarily during that time.

We are continually making changes to our BidSync products to better serve your needs now and in the future. This release has some great enhancements, including:

New Vendor Homepage

  • The updated look and feel with enhanced user interface will simply showcase our products and help access additional tools.

Vendor Alerts

  • We're adding additional alerts to notify vendors of issues within their account. For example, missing data in a profile, which impacts the bids that are sent.

Login Assistance

  • It will now be easier to retrieve forgotten login credentials.

And, last but not least, a new website will be released mid-November with cleaner messaging and navigation.

Below is a link to the new BidSync In-Network User Manual that includes the items listed above. The manual will be updated as new releases and features are added to the system:

User Manual

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