BidSync Maintenance

BidSync will be undergoing scheduled maintenance from 9 PM to 12 AM MDT on Thursday, September 3.  Please be aware of this when using the site and plan accordingly.

This release will add several new functions to enhance the BidSync product experience.  Please review the list below to learn of the features that have been added:

  • Will now have the ability to create a master expiration date for vendor qualifications instead of having to set them individually for each vendor.
  • Will now be allowed to download all of the documents listed on the Tabulation Generation page as a zip file of all of the documents submitted by vendors for a specific bid.
  • Will now be able to see audit information for workflow approvals.
  • Will now be able to see when a bid was decrypted in the audit logs of the bid.
  • Vendors will now be able to see which documents are excluded from the bid packet on a solicitation; this will help in knowing which documents need to be downloaded individually.
  • Will have the ability to edit the bid allowance amount after the bid has been released to the live environment.

BidSync Support Team

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