July Release

We’re continuing to work hard on improvements to the BidSync eProcurement™ suite of solutions. As part of this month’s release, we have fixed some bugs and made several enhancements.  Following are some noteworthy changes of which you should be aware:

  • We have expanded the range of displayable characters within the BidSync application.  The impact of this fix improves the system's ability to correctly display simple text and formatted text entered into any solicitation text fields (i.e., Bid comments, Line item description, Q&A responses, Addenda, etc.).
  • Improvement to the recently upgraded "Invite vendor" feature of bid creation now allows for multiple, specific contacts of a common vendor (in addition to the primary vendor contact) to receive "invited" bid notifications.  This improvement also allows an agency user to add a new vendor contact, on the fly, in order to send the contact an "invited" bid notification.
  • Many agency customers have expressed the need to be able to see certain system functionality from a "vendor's perspective."  A new feature has been added to the system which allows an agency to designate an agency-owned email address to receive a copy of all bid specific notifications sent to vendors.  For more information about this feature, or to have it turned on for your agency, please contact your Bidsync Customer Solutions representative.

If you have any questions about this release, click here to contact BidSync Customer Solutions. General suggestions or non-support related comments regarding your experience with BidSync eProcurement products can be directed to BidSync product management at

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