How do I award a bid?

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This article will walk you through the steps for awarding a bid in the Periscope Source™ web application. You will need to have the permission “Source: Award Bids” in order to award a bid. If you do not have this permission, contact your administrator and request this permission be added to your user account.


To award a bid, perform the following steps:


1. Go to and Sign In by entering your login credentials (Username and Password), then click Login.




2. With the Home page displayed, hover your mouse over the Source option and select View Bids.




3. When the Current Bids page is displayed, click To Be Awarded Bids.




4. When the To Be Awarded Bids page is displayed, locate the solicitation to be awarded and click on the Description or title.




5. If the bid has not been decrypted, the Confirm Bid Opening page will be displayed. Enter your password and click Open Bid.




6. The Decrypting Bid message will be displayed while the bid is being decrypted.




7. When the Awarding Bid page is displayed, review the information associated with the bid.




a. Note the supplier's Company Name and the Total Price.

b. View the amount submitted per line item by clicking on the plus sign (+) next to the supplier’s name. The line items with their pricing will be displayed.




8. The view we have been looking at so far has been View by Supplier. If you are planning on awarding different items to different suppliers, you will want to click on View by Line Item to the left side of the screen.




A page will be displayed that lists the items first and then the suppliers who have submitted an offer for that item.




9. If multiple suppliers need to be selected for a particular bid, check the box next to Award Multiple Suppliers to the top right hand side of the screen.




10. When the confirmation window appears, click OK if you want to proceed.




11. The Award radio buttons will turn into check boxes, allowing multiple suppliers to be selected.




12. If a supplier needs to be rejected, click the Trash Can icon next to the supplier’s name. The supplier will be moved to the red section towards the bottom of the screen titled Rejected Bids.




13. To award the bid, select the winning supplier(s) by either checking the box or selecting the radio button next to their name. A check mark will appear to the right of their name.




14. When the supplier selection process is complete, click Close.




15. When the To Be Awarded Bids page is displayed, click on Award in the Action column to officially award the bid.




16. When the Award Decision page is displayed, review the award decision to verify that everything was selected correctly.




17. Enter your Password and click Award Bids.




18. When the Confirmation page is displayed, click Return to Awarding.



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