How do I create an addendum?

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This article will walk you through the steps for creating an addendum to a bid in the Periscope Source™ application. Users need the permission “Source: Add Addenda to Bids” in order to release an addendum to a bid. If you do not have this permission, contact your administrator and request this permission be added to your user account.


To create an addendum, perform the following steps:


1. Go to and Sign In by entering your login credentials (Username and Password), then click Login.




2. With the Home page displayed, hover your mouse over the Source option and select View Bids.




3. When the Current Bids page is displayed, locate the bid to which you want to add an addendum and click Revise.




4. When the Addendum to Bid page is displayed, revise your bid as required. The following changes are permitted:

  • Change bid end date.
  • Make changes to the initial contract information and budget.
  • Edit the bid title and add additional information to the bid comments section.
  • Edit/delete or add additional line items to the bid.
  • Remove documents and upload new documents to the bid.
  • Edit bid classifications.
  • Add/delete vendors from the bid list. When you add vendors to the bid list, those changes do NOT show up on the main bid page for vendors to see and vendors are not notified of changes in the vendor list.
  • Add/delete qualifications

Somethings CANNOT be changed in an addendum. These include things like:

  • The Bid Number.
  • The original bid comments/descriptions.
  • Turning off/on a Bid Bond.
  • Changing percentage on Bid Bond.
  • Bid Type
  • Bid Response Model


5. When your revisions are complete, scroll down to the very bottom and click Next Page.



6. Review your addendum. When ready to finalize the addendum and release it via the Periscope network, enter your password and click Save Addendum.




Once you save your addendum, the changes you made will be released and published to the main website, and participating vendors will be notified of the addendum.

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