How do I cancel a bid?

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This article will walk you through the steps for cancelling a bid in the Periscope Source™ web application. Users need the permission “Source: Retract Bid” in order to cancel a bid. If you do not have this permission, contact your administrator and request this permission be added to your user account.


To cancel a bid, perform the following steps:


1. Go to and Sign In by entering your login credentials (Username and Password), then click Login.



2. When the Home page is displayed, hover your mouse over the Source option in the menu bar and select View Bids.  This will load the Current Bids page.


3. When the Current Bids page is displayed, locate the bid you want to cancel and click the Cancel icon ( ) next to it.

4. When the Cancel Bid page is displayed, enter your password, provide a reason for canceling the bid, then click Cancel Bid. Your reason for the cancellation will be sent out to all participating vendors in an email, notifying them of the cancellation.

5. Click Logout in the upper right hand corner of the page.



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