How do I create a bid?

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This article will show you how to create a bid on the Periscope Source system. Users creating bids must first have the permission “Source: Create and Revise Bids” in order to create a bid in this application. If you do not have this permission, you will need to contact your administrator over your account and request this permission to be added to your user. This guide will also follow the basic Bid Creation process (note: some agencies have built out this tool to exclude certain items as well as add in items for their personal purpose).


Hover over the Source option in the blue menu bar and select Create Bid.




The screen will refresh to the Bid Characteristics page where you will enter the first set of information.




a.   Bid Type (Once the bid is saved and released, there isn't a way to change this field)

This will determine what kind of solicitation it will be: Quick Quote, Reverse Auction, RFQ, RFI, RFP, RFB,etc.

b.   Construction

The box, if checked, will allow you to create construction bids and for the system to enable all options associated w/ a construction bid.

Options added are Liquidated Damages, Preference Period, and the icon to indicate the bid is a construction bid.


c.   Budgeted Amount

This is used for internal reporting purposes only. This will allow you to keep track of how much was set aside for this project.


d.   Bid Response Model (Once the bid is saved and released, there isn't a way to change this field)

This will determine how you would like the suppliers to respond. The choices are:



This allows suppliers to submit their offer through the system. Suppliers can still submit a hard copy to the agency if allowed but are encouraged to submit electronically.



All information pertaining to the solicitation is posted on the site but suppliers are required to submit a hard copy through mail, fax or by hand.


Paper Response with Electronic Tabulation

All offers are submitted hard copy yet the agency can enter the paper offers into the system in order to create an electronic tabulation.


When done, click Next Page and the screen will refresh to the Bid Creation page.


On the Bid Creation page you will see the following boxes:

A.   Bid Characteristics:


a.   Bid Type:

This was determined on the previous page.


b.   Construction:

This area will let you know if this bid will be using our Builder module of this product.


If your agency has not purchased Builder this will state No and not allow you to change it. This will not affect your bid if you are actually creating a construction bid.


c.   Bid Participation:

Things you may see within this section are:


Agency Only/Regional Coop

This determines who will be able to participate in the solicitation. Either specifically your agency or, if you are in a coop, other coop agencies.


Tentative Release Date

You can set a date for the solicitation to release automatically on the site. The date will need to be chosen and the boxed checked next to it for this feature to be used.


Agency Calendar

You can add the solicitation end date and pre-bid conference to your agency’s internal calendar.


B.   Bid Duration:

Type in the date, as shown in the parentheses below the box or select a date from the pop up calendar.


Also select a time for the solicitation to close.




 C.       Bid Question and Answer Duration:

Select and end date/time to receive questions from the suppliers.



If no date is selected, this section will remain open until the closing of the solicitation.


D.   Pre-Bid Conference:

If you choose to hold a pre-bid conference:




Click the Add button next to Pre-Bid Conference(s) and a pop up box will appear titled Create Pre-Bid Conference.


Select whether the conference will be online or at a specific location.




If it is a location conference, enter the address in the text box.


For both online and onsite conferences, enter the date or click on the calendar to select a date and then select a time from the drop down menu.


Lastly, determine if the conference is Option­al or Mandatory for them to attend.


If you select for the conference to be online, you will be able to visit the bid at the appoint­ed start time and click on the Start Conference link to start the conference. At this point suppliers will be able to join.


When done, click Submit and the conference will be added to the bid. If needed, you may add as many pre-bid conferences as needed.


E.   Contract Duration:

This will establish information regarding the contract and its characteristics.


Contract Duration

This will determine how long the contract will be by selecting from the drop down menu.


Contract Renewal

Select from the drop down menu when there will be a renewal for the contract.


Prices Good For

Using the drop down box, select how long the prices must be good for until the contract is created by the agency.


Budgeted Amount

For internal use only; the suppliers will never see this.

You are able to enter in the budgeted amount so you can compare what was budgeted to what was awarded.


Expected Expenditure

This amount will be shown to suppliers. It allows the agency to show the supplier how much they are planning to spend on the project.


F.   Bid Bonds:

This area will allow you to enter information about the bid bonds you would like the vendors to respond with.

Bid Bonds

You can select from the list if you would like to allow the use of Periscope's partnership with Surety 2000.

Bid Security Percent

Enter in a percentage for the amount vendors need to be insured for.

G.   Bid Information:

From here you will create:


Bid Number
Enter in a specific number or let the system generate a number for you.


Bid Title
A concise description of what the bid is for, giving the suppliers a quick overview without having to open the solicitation.
Bid Comments (Once the bid is saved and released, there is not a way to change the Original Bid Comments but you can add additional comments with the Addendum Bid Comments section.)

Any information pertaining to the solicitation especially things you would like the supplier to know without having to look into any documents.

H.   Additional Offer Fields:

This feature allows you to require the suppliers to submit additional information regarding their offer.




If you need more specifics about the line items from the supplier such as Manufacturer, Brand, Model, etc.





I.   Line Items:

The specific item(s) you are creating the solicitation for. This is a required field. To add line items you will click on the Add Line Item button to the right and a pop up box will appear titled Bid Information.




Create the name of the item or service you are looking for.


Product Code
This is strictly for internal purposes; the supplier will not see this.
Pricing Type
Select how the suppliers will indicate their pricing. Click the radio button next to one of the fol­lowing:


A dollar amount
Negative Price
Usually involving a re-imbursement
How much will be taken off of the supplier’s catalog price

No Price
Used when looking for information only

Expected Expenditure
The supplier will be able to see this amount which is budgeted for the item.

How the item will be grouped or measured such as dozen, year, bundle, each, etc.
Delivery Location & Quantity
This will determine where the item or service will go and how much

Delivery Location
Click on here to bring up a pop-up box with a list of your agency locations. The locations should already be imported into the sys­tem. Click on Select for the location you want. If the location you want is not there, click the New Location button to fill in the information and then Save.




The number must be at least one (1).


Enter in any other information about the line item you want your suppliers to know. It can be as long as you need. This is a required field so you will need to put something in this field.
You can continue to add line items to your solicitation by clicking Next Item or Done if you have finished adding all your items. They will appear in the Line Item box on the Bid Creation page

J.   Documents:
These are files associated with your solicitation.


Agency documents routinely used are called Standard documents and will appear in the docu­ments section with checkboxes. To add them to your solicitation check the box next to the docu­ments needed.

Bid Specific
These documents are on a per bid basis. To attach a bid specific document to the solicitation, click on the Up­load Document button and a pop up box will appear where you can browse for the documents needing to be added.



Bid Specific documents can be defined in two ways:

These documents are uploaded as is in whatever format. These files can be Word, Excel, PDF, JPEG, etc. Suppliers will access the documents in these formats.
Web Forms
These will allow suppliers to fill out the information online without the need to download and fill them out by hand (please see the article on Document Conversion for more information).

K.   Classifications:
Each solicitation must have at least one classification code attached to it. To add a classification:



Click Select Classifications and pop up box will appear titled Classifications.

Type in a keyword or the classification code you would like to add to your solicitation and click Search.
Your search results will appear at the bottom
Check the box next to the supplier codes that apply and click Add Selected.
When Added X Classification(s) appears in green that means the classification has been added to the solicitation
When all the classifications have been added, the pop up box can be closed and the main screen will refresh to show the classifications that have been added


L.   Suppliers:
These are the people who will be notified of your bid once it is released onto the system.
The first thing you will need to do is select if this solicitation will be:

Public (Once the bid is saved and released, there isn't a way to change this field.)
Available for all suppliers to see and place offers on.

Private (Once the bid is saved and released, there isn't a way to change this field.)
Only suppliers who have been specifically invited will be able to view and submit offers.
Regional (Once the bid is saved and released, there isn't a way to change this field.)
Notifies the suppliers within a certain mile radius of the solicitation being posted on the system, suppliers are still able to search and place offers on this solicitation but are flagged if they are outside the region indicated.

Once that is done, you will see two boxes. They are:

Invite Suppliers
These are suppliers the agency would like specifically notified of the solicitation by either email or fax about the bid release.

Suggested Suppliers
These suppliers are generated by the system based on the classification codes associated with the solicitation. They will be notified by the system through either email or fax.
If the Notify Suggested Suppliers box is unchecked only the Invited Suppliers will be notified.  There isn't a way to go back and invite Suggested Suppliers after the bid is saved and released.

M.   Bid Contact
This person listed will be the contact for the solicitation. Multiple contacts can be selected from users cur­rently added on the system. You can also choose what type of information you want show to the suppliers under Contact.
Once all the information is filled in, click on Save Bid and the page will refresh to the Congratulations page letting you know your solicitation has been moved to the Held section until you are ready to release it.

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